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Jackson Theological Institute (JTI) is a unique institution of higher learning, bridging both fields of seminary and psychology learning together. JTI has effectively integrated the study of human behavior, the study of the mind, and the study of the soul, creating a holistic methodology to train individuals to care for the human journey. JTI currently offers three different degree programs that can be completed 100% online or can be combined with a hybrid experience, with courses starting every 1st and 3rd Monday of every month and eight weeks in length. Degrees offered by JTI are in the process of being accredited by SACS (Southern Association of Colleges) and ATS (The Association of Theological Schools)

About the Founder, Dr. Thomas Jackson

Dr. Thomas Jackson is the founder and President of the Jackson Theological Institute (JTI). He and his wife, Karla, are the proud parents of two adult children, and have three grandchildren. Dr. Jackson has a doctorate of philosophy degree in Clinical Psychology and a doctorate of philosophy degree in Biblical and Theological Studies and has been involved in behavioral health for 25 years and in mental health private practice for 20 years.
He is the published author of the books, “A Conversational Commentary on the Book of EPHESIANS,” “A Conversational Commentary on the Gospel of JOHN,” “Man and Woman As God Has Ordained.” He has done extensive study and work in the area of the spiritual realm and has published a five DVD set entitled, “Understanding Spiritual Warfare.” In addition, he has conducted workshops and seminars on bible translations and has published a four DVD set entitled, “Understanding Bible Translations and Interpreting Difficult Passages,” a six DVD set entitled, “Understanding The Biblical Model for Leadership,” a four DVD set entitled, ” How To Study the Bible,” and a four DVD set entitled, “Embracing your Season.”
He has published articles entitled, “A Daughter’s First Romance,” “Treating Depression In America,” and “Understanding African-American Behavior In A Euro-American Society.” Dr. Jackson’s passion for spiritual and psychological maturity is the reason the Jackson Theological Institute was formed. He has bridged two separate entities of educational disciplines to co-exist as one, preparing students to have a holistic experience in their higher educational learning.

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