Course Listings

Bachelor of Science in Religion and Master of Arts in Religion Course Listings:

AP-101 Introduction to Apologetics
AP-110 Covenant Apologetics I
AP-201 Contemporary Apologetics
AP-220 Covenant Apologetics II

AR-250 The Book of Revelation: The Seven Cities and Churches

Biblical Interpretation
BI-101 Bible Translations & How To Study the Bible
BI-110 Biblical Interpretation and Hermeneutics
BI-210 The Apocrypha: The Inter-Testament Books
BI-230 Introduction to Biblical Dreams and Interpretation

Church History
CH-250 Doctrine of the Trinity

CM-101 Introduction to Homiletics
CM-105 Biblical Preaching: Depth, Practical, and Application
CM-205 Preaching Biblical Narrative
CM-305 Preaching Through The Psalms
CM-315 Preaching Through Ephesians

CO-101 Introduction to Biblical Counseling
CO-201 Marriage and Family Counseling
CO-210 Dynamics of Chemical Dependency & Ministry
CO-301 Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence Counseling

Cultural Studies
CS-110 Cultural Influence and Scripture
CS-210 History and Theology of the African American Church
CS-310 The Influences of C.S. Lewis in Christianity

ED-101 Understanding Discipleship: A Way of Life
ED-111 Effective Evangelism
ED-141 Christian Education
ED-301 The Art of Writing and Argumentation

ET-105 Christian Ethics: Law and Grace
ET-205 Christian Attitudes Toward World Religions

HB-101 Biblical Hebrew
GK-101 Biblical Greek
HBL-201 Biblical Hebrew with Logos
GKL-201 Biblical Greek with Logos

LE-101 Introduction To Biblical Leadership
LE-201 Transformative Leadership
LE-210 Organizational Leadership

MI-201 Multicultural Ministry
MI-231 Understanding the Theology of Urban Ministry
MI-261 Philosophies and Habits in Urban Ministry

New Testament
NT-101 A Chronological Look at the New Testament
NT-131 The Early Church and Practices
NT-201 The Worldview of The New Testament
NT-221 The Epistles To Revelation: Context and Application
NT-241 The Parables of Jesus
NT-242 The Miracles of Jesus
NT-261 How We Got The New Testament

Old Testament
OT-101 Old Testament Examination
OT-201 Old Testament Literary Composition
OT-210 Social Worldview of the Old Testament
OT-221 Major Prophets Examination
OT-261 How We Got The Old Testament
OT-310 The Book of Judges
OT-315 Genesis 1-3: Ancient Near East Context
OT-341 1 & 2 Samuel Examination
OT-345 1 & 2 Kings Examination

Pastoral Care
PA-111 Pastoral Care to Women
PA-151 Introduction to Chaplaincy I: Biblical Foundations
PA-152 Introduction to Chaplaincy II: Theology
PA-201 Pastoral Ethics
PA-211 Soul Care

TH-110 Bible Doctrine I: Divine Revelation
TH-111 Bible Doctrine II: The Triune God and Heavenly Beings
TH-121 Understanding The Spiritual Realm
TH-210 Anthropology Theology
TH-220 The Watchers, Angels, Nephilim, and Demons
TH-240 Pneumatology: The Person, The Spirit and His Work
TH-310 Israelology
TH-360 Contextual Theology: Christianity in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin Americaf